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AUTHORITY: ANGR 30-2 Social Actions NGB Program (1 Sep 89); applicable state law. INTRODUCTION. Drug abuse is not tolerated in the National Guard. You, as a Commander, must be ever-vigilant to evidence of drug abuse within your unit due to the serious impact it may have on safety and the accomplishment of the
guideline applies to both Category A and Category B reservists.) or members of the Air. National Guard when they are performing federal service in what is normally called. “Title 10 status.” Initially, the paper will review and discuss the foundational requirements necessary for commanders to establish jurisdictional control
28 Nov 2016 serves as a helpful reference guide for commanders in the field, providing general guidance and Thunderbolt pilot (U.S. Air Force photo/Staff Sergeant Joe W. McFadden), Air Force Honor Guard at Arlington National Cemetery (U.S. Air Force photo/Technical Sergeant Joshua L. DeMotts), military working
Army Regulation 27-10. Legal Services. Military Justice. Headquarters. Department of the Army. Washington, DC. 24 June 1996. UNCLASSIFIED Active Army, and the Army National Guard and the U.S. Army Reserve when either is on active duty or Commander's guide for notification and imposition • 3-15, page 10.
22 Sep 2015 The Military Commander and the Law is a publication of The Judge. Advocate General's School. This publication is used as a deskbook for instruction at various commander courses at Air University. It also serves as a helpful reference guide for commanders in the field, providing general guidance and
15 Jun 2012 (National Guard appointing authority is commander of at least battalion or squadron size unit). SPCMCA should approve informal investigation in writing “By Authority of the Secretary of the Army.” NOTE: Informal investigation can only result in an ILD determination except in the case where the MTF finds.
15 Jun 2012 BE PROACTIVE, NOT JUST REACTIVE. This Handbook is designed to assist you in taking proper immediate action when faced with a variety of legal issues that might arise during your command. The purpose of your actions should be to preserve the legal situation until you can consult with your servicing
9 Jan 2003 OFFICE OF THE ADJUTANT GENERAL. OFFICE OF THE STAFF JUDGE ADVOCATE. California Army National Guard. 9800 Goethe Road. Sacramento, California 95826-9101. Quick Legal. Guide. For. Company. Commanders. 7th Edition. 2004
Air National Guard Commander's Legal Deskbook. Master Table of Contents - Page 6. Chapter 13, Flying & Operations. 13-1 Table of Contents. 13-2 Aerial Events, Flyovers, and Static Displays. 13-3 Air Traffic Control Operations: Authorization and Liability. 13-4 Aviation Career Incentive Pay. 13-5 FAA - Investigation of
5 Oct 2017 By nature of the position and the military structure, ANG and active duty commanders have authority to govern the members under their command, limited only by applicable federal or state law. Generally, ANG and active duty installa- tion commanders have ultimate authority over all activities on their bases