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What is Part L? Part L of the Building Regulations governs the conservation of fuel and power in buildings. Energy efficiency requirements for lighting are set out in the Building Services Compliance Guides where two methods of demonstrating compliance are detailed. Minimum efficacy standards for light fittings are defined
the building occupier is provided with a strategy for ongoing improvement in energy performance. This guide explains how lighting controls can be used to meet all of these Part L requirements. The guide is mainly concerned with compliance with Part L2 – i.e. with buildings other than dwellings. Part L1 deals with dwellings
Fluorescent and compact fluorescent fittings would meet this standard. Halogen and GLS lamps are highlighted in the guidelines as non compliant. Fixed external lighting should not exceed 150W and be controlled so it automatically switches off or can only accept lamps with efficacy >40 lumens/Watt. PART L2A/L2B.
Part L for the bits that will affect lighting. (p6&7). However you cut it, that they are WPart L compliant,. In some ways you can,t .. Guides. One major change is the detail now appears in the two Compliance Guides whereas previously it was part of the ADs. The first table shows the structure of the documentation and the
Part L 2014 - Part L refers to conservation of fuel and power and encompasses lighting. DCLG has announced changes to Part L and has published the following: New 2016 amendments of Approved Document L1A and L2A; New 2013 version of the Domestic Building Services Compliance Guides; New 2013 version of the
16 Apr 2014 L2A and L2B are covered in the Non-domestic building compliance guide, again available on the governments planning portal website: Non-Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide: 2013 Edition. As you can see, Part L is very complex and it is crucial to ensure that any lighting scheme is compliant.
The Building Regulations Part L2 effectively call for sub-metering at any final distribution board in non-domestic premises with a floor area greater than 500 square meters. Ideally Part L is divided into four documents. Furthermore, if a board supplies lighting and small power, these loads should be metered separately.
6 Aug 2014 External lighting. Either of two sets of criteria is possible: a 100W maximum lamp capacity with occupancy sensor and photocell (light must stay off when daylight is sufficient) or minimum lamp efficacy of 45 lm/W with a photocell and manual on/off switching. A Part L1 Domestic Building Services Compliance
Details of Part L (Approved Document L) of the Building Regulations.
Its not really about percentages, that is a variable in a much bigger picture such as DER (dwelling emissions rate), fixed low-energy lighting provision is tradeable, the minimum amount that would be reasonable is outlined in the Domestic Services Compliance Guide which everybody should be working to