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Installing a photoelectric switch, also known as a photoeye or photocell, is an easy task that can save you money on your electric bill in the long run. Follow these easy steps and you won't have to remember to turn the lights on when it gets dark again. Keep in mind throughout the instructions that "photocell" is just another
16 Dec 2010
INSTRUCTION MANUAL PHOTOELECTRIC SWITCH. Diffuse, reflection, sender-receiver and slot type. The infrared photoelectric switch made by our factory is an upgrade and a new generation project. It is manufactured on the basis of absorbing foreign advanced technology, following an upgrade and finally a new
Connect the Black wire of the light fixture to the Red wire of the photocontrol. d. For 120 volt units: Connect fixture and the Yellow wire from the photocontrol to the Common wire (208V,. 240V, 347V, 480V, Red wire; applied around the threaded stem of the photocontrol so that it is rain tight. To ensure rain tightness, run
INSTALLATION. Mount the timer on wall near grounded electrical outlet with photo sensor facing outwards. (Note: To ensure proper operation of the automatic function, ensure that the photocell sensor is shielded from all nighttime light sources, such as floodlights, etc). The head of the nail or screw must extend at least 3/16”
Relay On/Off Model: 500 Watts Incandescent. 100 Watts Fluorescent at 120 Volts. 5 Amps, 450 Watts LED at 120 Volts with. 0.8pF driver. 5 Amps, 300 Watts LED at 120 Volts with. 0.5pF driver. Voltage: 120 Volts AC. Power Consumption: One watt. UL Listing: Raintight Photoelectric Switch. Suitable for wet locations.
20 Oct 2016
Suitable for wet locations, raintight. Time Adjustment: 5 sec to 15 minutes. Test Mode: Set Time Adjustment . Wire as shown. Multiple Fixtures. • Do not switch loads greater than. 500W without installing a relay suitable for your load. • Wiring more than one sensor together isrecommended only for the experienced installer
Vandal Resistant Outdoor Motion Sensor Installation Manual · Outdoor Motion Sensor Installation Manual RAB s easy esistant motion detection to add to outdoor Raintight Photoelectric Switch. Suitable for wet locations.